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  • BRT Charge Tube Error

    BRT Charge Tube Error

    Possible Scenario:

    After the BHA has been pumped down and current has been applied to the setting tool, a common error is having an open circuit. This open circuit will most likely make it impossible to set the plug and can interfere with firing the guns. In the case of an open circuit, the BHA should be pulled out of hole to analyze. In this specific scenario, the open circuit is due to the lack of durability of the spring connector in the charge tube.



    After pulling the BHA, and disarming the guns, it should be inspected to find the cause of the open circuit. The BRT and gun string should be metered if there is no obvious cause of the open circuit. If the gun string reads okay, the problem is isolated to the BRT. In this case something in the charge tube like a wire being disconnected from the board in the charge tube creates an open circuit. Charge tubes are not durable enough to withstand the jarring from pumping down, setting plugs, and firing guns repeatedly over long time periods.



    After the cause of the error is identified, the entire crew should be made aware of the issue and how to avoid it in the future. Policy is generally to change charge tubes after every 100 runs, but they often start failing before that number is achieved.

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