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  • Charge Tube Challenges

    Charge Tube Challenges

    Possible Scenario:

    After the BHA has been pumped down, a common issue is a loss of communication. There are many reasons communication can be lost after the plug is set and if it cannot be regained, the best course of action is to pull out of hole. 



    After pulling the BHA, and disarming the guns, it should be inspected. The BRT, CCL, and cable head should be removed from the tool string. In this case, after opening the BRT charge tube, it is found that a through wire had broken at the solder joint. Many BRT’s are supposed to last for 75+ runs, but occasionally wiring issues can occur well before that. 



    Since the wiring inside of the BRT was the issue, it was probably due to manufacturer error.  All crew members should be briefly reminded to inspect the BRT and all other components on the tool string before, during, and after assembly. This should help prevent this issue from occurring in the future.

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