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  • Plug Shoot Module Issues

    Plug Shoot Module Issues

    Possible Scenario:

    After the BHA has been pumped down and current has been applied to the setting tool, a common error is having an open circuit. This open circuit will most likely make it impossible to set the plug. In this case the BHA should be pulled out of hole to analyze. In this specific scenario the open circuit is due to an issue with the Plug Shoot Module.


    After pulling the BHA, the bottom gun should be disarmed and the CCL should be removed. After the gun has been disarmed, it should be inspected thoroughly to find the source of the open circuit. It is possible to have a manufacturing defect in the module, or any of the wires that the module consists of could be wired incorrectly, causing the inability to set the plug.


    After the cause of the error is identified, the entire crew should be made aware of the issue and how to avoid it in the future. Crews should also be reminded that all electrical connections should be checked by two crew members before pumping down to ensure that simple wiring errors not cause down time.

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